Trump, Tucker, and Wildfires: Media Focusing on Completely Different Stories

The left, right, and middle are reporting on completely different stories and ignoring everything else. It exemplifies an increasingly divergent emphasis in news coverage.


California is being ravaged by wildfires, with the “Dixie fire” being the largest and more than 180,000 acres having been razed.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • So, what is the left talking about? Tucker Carlson. Slate reported on a random person, Dan Bailey, feeling the need to record himself telling Tucker he is “the worst person in the world.”
  • Salon celebrated the confrontation, the initiator of which then posted it on Instagram, at a bait store in Montana. Salon then shamed the store for not “telling Carlson to ‘stay out of Montana.’”
  • Newsweek delighted in the exchange, and noted The Lincoln Project (a group of unemployable “Republican” political consultants who hid a sexual predator within their ranks) reposted the video, which “has been viewed more than 330,000 times.”



Author’s Take

(Physical Reaction to Reading Today’s News)

This isn’t news, it is current events porn created and edited to confirm biases and elicit maximum eyeball coverage for revenue. Today’s headlines are one of the best examples of the alternate realities both the left and right sometimes live in.

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