Coronavirus Vaccine Mandates Divide Public, Private Sector

Private entities are facing difficult decisions on how to recommend or mandate coronavirus vaccines. The left wants to use vaccine mandates for social justice in America, but are concerned about mandates in China.


COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the live entertainment industry are dividing venue owners, talent, and fans as attendance and revenue plummets amid the delta variant surge.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




Author’s Take

It’s okay to be pro-vaccine and anti-mandate. The amount of control the various levels of government are attempting to exert is alarming. Parents are being superseded by judges and school boards.

Jonathan Chait joins the chorus of loons on the left who think the only government agency that should not have any ability of use of force is the police, which is the only government actor that should (with the appropriate balance of force among the public, anchored by the Second Amendment).

CNN’s report on vaccination in China is a damned joke. Firstly, China’s vaccines are barely effective. Secondly, the notion that anything in China is “voluntary” is nonsense.

Newsmax is making a fool of themselves with silly, childish reporting on the name of pharmaceuticals.

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