Mask Mandate Madness: Will They Return?

With the recent surge of COVID-19’s delta variant, the prospect of mask mandates has returned. Should vaccinated people be forced to comply?


The latest poling in California suggests half the state would approve of a mask mandate being reimplemented.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




  • OANN highlighted a lawsuit by parents against California Gov. Gavin Newsom, arguing mask mandates for school children aren’t following the science and that it is delaying a return to normal for children. 
  • The Daily Wire reported on an exchange on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program, in which contributor Donny Deutsch said it will actually be easier to implement new mask mandates and engineer social behavior and “there’s an idiot percentage of this population that just needs to be told what to do.” 
  • focused on a NY Post op-ed excoriating any attempt to place mask mandates on school-age children: it’s counterproductive given the ridiculously low, statistically nearly nonexistent infection rates among children.

Author’s Take

By and large, children just don’t get COVID-19. It is a fact borne out in the data we have collected for more than a year. The desire by some on the left to impose these restrictions on children is disturbing, especially since they have spent the last year screaming “follow the science.” Yes, that is exactly what we should do, which means don’t mask up kids who don’t need it.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and Bethany Mandel are right: vaccines are the key to ending the pandemic. The longer we continue with such a wide swath of the adult population unvaccinated, the longer we’ll have to deal with this uncertainty and demand from the left to mask up. We cannot join in with the left’s moving of the goal posts: the virus will literally never be fully eradicated and we shouldn’t wait for it to happen. The goal always was to properly mitigate and minimize risk. That is what the vaccine does.

As someone said on Twitter: “I got vaccinated. I am tired of being forced to wear a mask, stay in indefinite lockdown prison, and never go on vacation. The deal was I get vaccinated and I get my life back. I expect the gov’t to abide by that deal.”

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