Mask or Vax Mandates for Federal Employees, Local Government Loathe to Reimpose Mandates

Biden is requiring federal workers to mask up and get tested regularly if they aren’t vaccinated. Mainstream media blames “Trump country” for low vaccination rates, but the data says that’s not entirely accurate.


President Biden is mandating a rigorous testing regime for unvaccinated federal workers in a bid to increase vaccination rates among the government’s 4 million workers nationwide. Biden’s plan will require employees to “attest” they have been vaccinated but not prove it.


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Author’s Take

Mask on, Mask off, Mask on, Mask off. I don’t know whether this is a terrible, government knock-off of Mr. Miyagi or what.

The amount of flip-flopping by public health officials, the admission by CDC Director Dr. Walensky that what they’re claiming to protect against is exceedingly rare, and the smugness of their tut-tutting anyone who deviates from the mainstream-elite consensus opinion contributes far more to resistance of their guidance and mandates than anything else.

Public officials like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Walensky are losing credibility because they’re putting politics well ahead of science, something the entire mainstream media claimed President Trump was doing.

What is mainstream media saying now? Nothing.

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