What is Spangld?

On Spangld, you find daily in-depth news summaries to help you navigate topics important to you. Spangld contributors provide write-ups and well-rounded narratives from each political viewpoint based on various news sources to bring you voices from across the aisles. Letting you decide where the facts of the story are coming from, the way news was always meant to be consumed. Welcome to Spangld!

Why is Spangld Important?

Being informed about the News and what is happening on a global, national, and local level will help you understand the issues relevant to you. Informing you is Spangld’s number one goal, so you can understand what his happening in the world and make an informed decision when it is time to vote.

Your Feedback is Important to Us

If there is a topic you’d like us to cover or a source providing a unique viewpoint let us know.