Trump Makes Good on Threat, Vetoes Defense Policy Bill

President Trump vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act on Wednesday, following through on weeks of threats. Congress is set to vote on an override, will they have the votes?


Following through on his threat, President Trump vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act over provisions that were and were not included in the bill.


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  • Tristan Justice argues at The Federalist that whether Trump is correct on the merits of his arguments regarding NDAA and the coronavirus relief bill, it is “on brand” as an anti-establishment figure fighting “on behalf of the working American.”
  • published an op-ed from James Carafano of The Heritage Foundation criticizing the President, saying Trump’s desire to repeal the protections for social media companies is the correct position, but that the NDAA is not the venue for such a change.
  • The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board writes that Trump’s recent moves are at odds with the efforts to keep the two Georgia Senate seats, up for election in a January runoff, in GOP hands.


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