Google Demonetizes Content Skeptical of Climate Change

Google announced it will demonetize content and ban ads skeptical of climate change. The left is jubilant while the right calls it a crackdown on debate.


Google announced last week it will take a harsher stance on content and ads it claims is “promoting false climate change claims.”


reporting from the left side of the aisle




Author’s Take

Huffington Post’s gleeful exhortation that this is another example of Big Tech demonetizing or banning content is not the positive news they want it to be. As RedState points out, “the very fundamentals of science are based on challenging assertions.” Just as leftists believe words are violence but violence is free speech, a bold consensus on a scientific subject not being allowed to stand up to scrutiny is regressive, not progressive. If filtering, banning, demonetizing content based on political biases continues, we will be entering a Digital Dark Age.

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