Vaccine Companies Push for COVID-19 Booster Shot, DNC Wants Your Text Messages Policed

While Pfizer wants a third vaccine shot ok’d by the FDA, the left is praising their mRNA tech. The right highlights Democrats’ desire to scan your text messages for “misinformation.”


The World Health Organization’s “chief scientist” cautioned against “mixing and matching” COVID-19 vaccine doses, saying there’s no research on its effectiveness or data on its health impact.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




Author’s Take

The vaccines work. It’s that simple. The FDA is in perpetual CYA mode, as government bureaucracies always are, over the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. We’re talking about less than one-one-thousandth of a percent of people receiving the shot having the aforementioned reaction.

Is it any surprise that Pfizer and Moderna, who have made billions off the government’s mass purchase of their product, are lobbying for the authorization of booster shots? When they see free government money, they’re not going to turn it down, regardless of how necessary a third shot may or may not be. Their insistence on a never-ending series of shots will continue to feed into vaccine skepticism.

The warnings and admonitions from government bureaucrats like Fauci are too heavy-handed. Overall, daily and weekly COVID-19 numbers are approaching “seasonal flu” numbers. We can’t keep moving the goalposts. “Zero cases” is never going to happen, we have to learn to “live with it” to a certain extent. We don’t mandate flu shots, whose effectiveness is HALF what the mRNA vaccines are, and the drastic decline in cases with only half the American adult population vaccinated suggests we don’t need to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine.

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