Is a Coronavirus Vaccine On the Horizon?

The Coronavirus Vaccine: What’s Really Happening?


As the US death count from Coronavirus mounts past 187,000, calls for a solution to end the pandemic are increasing.

  • Several researchers have come up with potential coronavirus vaccines, but they are still awaiting clinical trials before they can be administered to the public.
  • Donald Trump said last week that the process to create a vaccine was being accelerated and that a vaccine could be ready before the election.
  • Kamala Harris said in a statement on Friday that it would be unwise to trust Donald Trump’s statement that a vaccine could be ready so soon, and cautions against rushing the process.
  • On Friday, a group of massive pharmaceutical companies created a joint agreement not to rush the vaccine or sacrifice safety standards, regardless of political pressures from the administration.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Cautions readers against rushing the vaccine process
  • Uses fear, reminding readers of past botched vaccine incidents in the United States.
  • Reflects on the positive power of big government, which enables the vaccine to be produced quickly.



  • Emphasizes the measures in place which will make the vaccine safe
  • Praises and reminds readers of the multiple endorsements of the rushed vaccine, including from the UN and Donald Trump himself
  • Tears down Kamala Harris for criticizing the quick turnaround.


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