Companies Do Not Expect Michigan Workers Back in the Office Until 2021

Michigan News – Work from home. What happened?


Internal documents from General Motors Corporation show that the company does not expect salaried workers to return to the office until June 2021 at the earliest.

  • The decision was made in consideration of the health and safety of GM’s employees, and in hopes that the company can create a “more flexible work culture” after the pandemic.
  • GM joins Ford, Facebook Google, and other major corporations in deciding to work remotely long-term.
  • The move represents a changing landscape as workplaces across the country as questions arise about whether or not remote work culture will continue after the end of the pandemic.


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  • Advocates for ways that workplaces can take care of their employees by providing childcare, home-office allowances, and flexibility for team members
  • Reminds readers that prioritizing mental health and wellness is a key part of productivity.
  • Hypothesizes that remote work is here to stay.



  • Argues that working from home is not sustainable.
  • Finds major flaws with the long-term implications of work-from-home.
  • Focuses on ways to make the best of the situation by continuing to stand out.


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