Biden Administration Announces Free COVID-19 Tests and N-95 Masks

The Biden Administration announced Tuesday it would distribute N-95 masks nationwide.


The Biden Administration announced Tuesday it would distribute N-95 masks nationwide as it rolls out free at-home COVID-19 tests for all Americans.


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Author’s Take

Today, the New York Times’ influential morning newsletter declared “Omicron is in retreat.” Also today, after nearly a year in office and two waves of variants – Delta and Omicron- that have killed thousands, the Biden team announced their free testing and masking plan. If they could do this all along, why did they wait? And why did Jen Psaki and top White House officials scoff at both plans as recently as a few weeks ago?

The Biden Administration has made some big promises this week. 500 million tests delivered within 7-12 days and 400 million N-95 masks distributed by next week. Given their performance so far if they pull this off it would be a remarkable achievement, grading on a curve.

The trust the Biden Administration puts in USPS is a marked contrast from the Biden campaign’s attacks on USPS during the 2020 election. Recall in August 2020 USPS couldn’t guarantee on-time delivery of 50 million mail-in ballots. This sparked hysteria among college-educated progressives including one Democratic member of Congress who chained himself to a mailbox. Somehow I doubt delays in testing deliveries will be met with the same response.


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