Jessica Krug Lies About Identity

Jessica Krug’s Identity. What really happened?


Last night, Jessica Krug posted a tell-all blog post in which she admitted that she was not Afro-Latina, despite having claimed the identity for nearly two decades.

  • In the essay, she admits that she is a White Jewish woman from Kansas City, not a black or Caribbean woman from the Bronx (which she frequently calls “el barrio“) as she has claimed for years.
  • Jessica Krug is a Professor of African American History at George Washington University in Washington, DC. She has built her career upon writing about colonialism and oppression in African American and Afro-Latinx communities.
  • For many years, she has been an outspoken advocate of civil rights issues and anti-colonialism and argued that she (a “person of color”) should have a greater platform.
  • Ms. Krug attributed the lies to unaddressed mental health issues.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Crucifies Ms. Krug for stealing the platforms of black women, saying that she had no right to claim an identity that isn’t hers.
  • Calls the entire incident shocking, and uses strong language to vilify Ms. Krug.



  • Crucifies Ms. Krug for her combative rhetoric towards white people.
  • Paints her as a dangerous, dishonest person and insinuates that she is representative of the left-wing/BLM movement
  • Makes fun of “cancel culture,” which Ms. Krug references in her blog post, saying that she herself is cancelled.


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