Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Stand News Shut Down by Communist China After Police Raid

Stand News, one of the last independent publications in Hong Kong, was shut down after security officials raided its offices. Several people were arrested.


One of the final bastions of free and independent press in Hong Kong has been raided by Chinese security police.


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  • Few outlets on the right covered the raid, arrests, and shutdown of Stand News. 
  • The Epoch Times called the law used to arrest those involved in the outlet “draconian” while noting a pop singer who is also a former board member of Stand News was among those arrested. 
  • The Wall Street Journal detailed the spokesperson for the National Security Department’s comments and charges against Stand News, pointing out examples the government objected to.

Author’s Take

This should be a much bigger story. Pro-democracy citizens of Hong Kong are being abandoned, and it’s not difficult to see how Beijing could see this is an indicator for Western sentiment in the event of conflict over the independent nation of Taiwan.

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