How Bad is the Border Crisis? Depends Who is Reporting

The number of illegal border crossings is on pace to break annual records. Some outlets on the left still maintain it’s not really as bad as it’s being reported while outlets on the right make it out to be a Mad Max-style hellscape.


A new report shows there have been more illegal border crossings this fiscal year since 2006 with four more months in the fiscal year to go.

  • Despite those alarming numbers, unaccompanied minors crossing the border dropped in May to just over 14,000, down from a high of nearly 19,000 in March, though “May’s number was the third-highest on record.” 
  • As the number of crossing continue its record-breaking pace, Vice President Kamala Harris, who was roundly criticized for her performance on a trip to Central America and Mexico, has pledged to visit the US-Mexico border
  • The wave of increasing migration is also placing pressure on the Biden administration, which has been reluctant to reverse several Trump-era immigration policies for fear a further increase in illegal immigration would “erode public support” for Biden’s agenda.


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