Shifting COVID Goal Posts? CDC Changes Isolation Recs, Fauci Wishy-Washy on Travel Vaccine Mandate

While the CDC cut the recommended isolation time for asymptomatic people, Dr. Fauci implied domestic travel vaccine mandates are not necessary. His history suggests they ARE indeed coming.


CDC officials cut the recommended isolation requirements for those who test positive but show no symptoms from 10 days to 5.


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  • Breitbart highlighted a quote from Biden receiving very little coverage outside right leaning media: his admission that “there is no federal solution” to ending the COVID-19 pandemic and much of what is needed must be relied upon at the state level. 
  • RedState ‘pounced’ on the same admission, contrasting it with what Biden and some of his top aides said publicly over the last two years and calling Biden’s 2020 campaign a “scam” given he ran almost exclusively on his competency to end the pandemic. 
  • Daily Wire showed the United States is not the only nation with tensions over how to address omicron, highlighting controversy between U.K. officials over whether to implement new restrictions.

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