Critical Race Theory Major Issue in Local School Board Elections

Concerned parents are running for school board promising to ban critical race theory. The left denies it is in use while calling people racist for opposing what they say isn’t being taught.


With the controversy of Critical Race Theory not quieting any time soon, the ACLU is suing the state of Oklahoma over its ban on teaching divisive and race-dividing concepts like critical race theory in public schools.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




Author’s Take

When it comes to critical race theory, the left is engaging in some of the most hysterical and ghastly name-calling while also gaslighting the country. They protest that those who oppose critical race theory are racists who don’t want racism or the “true” American history to be taught while also protesting it is not being taught. Firstly, they cannot have it both ways. Secondly, they continue their sleight-of-hand by saying CRT, silently defining it as a “legal structure” only taught in higher education, is not used or taught in primary schools. But the derivative social justice concepts as a result of CRT are very much being deployed to schools, indoctrinating children and teaching them their social and human value comes from the color of their skin.

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