Israelis Target Empty Building Housing Hamas and Journalists, Associated Press is Mad

Israel has to defend itself against rocket attacks and super-serious journalists being used as human shields. Mainstream media’s reporting woefully lacked important context while they ignored literal terrorist as officemates.


As the Israel-Palestine conflict escalates, the Israel Defense Force conducted an air strike on a high-rise building in Gaza being used by Hamas, but also home to the Associated Press’ Gaza bureau.


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Author’s Take

This story offers several examples of the way mainstream media can warp a story. Firstly, the recognition of Israel’s attempts to clear buildings of civilians before they are attacked is not sufficient in most coverage. Secondly, as Townhall pointed out, there is literally no recognition that Hamas is hiding behind journalists to fire rockets at Israeli civilians.

Combine those two points into one: Hamas doesn’t give Israeli civilians the same warning the IDF does, despite the fact that it degrades the IDF attacks’ effectiveness on military and terrorist targets.

When it comes down to it, a certain class of journalists love making the story about themselves. They rave when movies are made about righteous investigative journalists and get mad when they don’t win Best Picture. Acknowledging the warnings IDF gave and that they were used as human shields by Hamas would have hurt their narrative of brave arbiters of truth under attack by Israel.

The Associated Press’ claims that in the 15 years they’ve been in that building there was “no indication” Hamas operated there doesn’t hold water when one reads a 2014 missive from The Atlantic alleging coercion and skullduggery by Hamas over the Associated Press.

Hamas threatening journalists and launching rockets from the same building and AP won’t report on it? How are we expected to not believe there is bias in the media?

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