Biden CNN Town Hall: Higher Gas Prices and Lower Expectations on Agenda

CNN hosted President Biden for a town hall event in Baltimore. Biden was on the defensive all night lowering expectations for passing his domestic agenda.


During a town hall event hosted by CNN, President Joe Biden touted the benefits of his domestic spending agenda, zeroing in on two Democratic senators, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, by name in their opposition to portions of it.


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  • CNN’s analysis of their event highlighted Biden’s shift on the Senate filibuster rules and the White House’s efforts to do damage control on a few of Biden’s commitments, including using the National Guard to alleviate supply chain woes and protecting Taiwan against China.
  • Washington Post’s coverage painted a rosy picture of the town hall, focusing on Biden’s “optimism” and positive thinking, while noting the President groused over negative coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Huffington Post used the town hall as an opportunity to snipe at Arizona Kyrsten Sinema, who it says “stood in the way of raising taxes on corporations and wealthy Americans.”



Author’s Take

Fox News’ complaint is petty and pointless. It’s CNN, it’s expected to be a skewed audience.

That being said, whoever in the White House thought this town hall was a good idea should probably lose their job. Firstly, Biden’s poll numbers are horrible, there are few national stories going his way, and being on the defensive is not a good look for President Biden. Secondly, his several admissions that his own agenda is being pared back, before the negotiations are finished, is a signal to the Democratic base that he’s willing to abandon some of their key issues.

Biden’s loquacious reputation can do him harm, and already forced the White House to “do damage control.”

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