DACA “Dead”, Illegal Border Crossing Arrests Surge to 1 million

After a federal judge declared the DACA unlawful, liberal outlets spun up the outrage machine. The right largely focused on bad news from the border.


A federal judge in Texas declared the Obama-era DACA program unlawful on Friday, preventing the program for accepting new applicants. DACA allowed temporary reprieve for those brought to the United States illegally as a child.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




Author’s Take

One should question why Mexico is “disappointed” in a ruling that does not allow its citizens to reside in another nation illegally. What is the logic or reasoning behind that? Money.

Huffington Post’s advocacy in their reporting is nothing new. It is their standard operating procedure. CNN’s characterization of a government program being “part of the American fabric” exposes the writers’ beliefs regarding the sociocultural role government should play in America.

The Federalist’s John Daniel Davidson is attempting to equate legal cross-border travel with the surge in illegal border crossings. The Federalist has been stridently anti-lockdown in their reporting of the coronavirus, is now attempting to use coronavirus-related border restrictions to their benefit.

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