Literally Fake News: Media Lies Through Its Teeth on Border Patrol “Whip” Story

Media reported on Border Patrol agents allegedly “whipping” Haitians crossing the border. It never happened and is literally fake news.


Social media exploded with reports of Border Patrol agents using a whip against Haitians. It eventually made its way into mainstream reporting.


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Author’s Take

The mainstream media’s actions in this instance are not incompetence, these aren’t mistakes. This is a willful attempt to gaslight the American people. This incident is reminiscent of the Nicholas Sandmann incident in which brief clips and still frames were used to smear and defame a high school student. Border Patrol agents are now the target of a frothed-up mob of media elites and progressive Twitter agitators. It’s disgusting and reporters peddling this nonsense should be ashamed of themselves.

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