Private Sector Continues Wading into Culture Wars and Woke Policies

The culture war continues as more companies are trying to be woke. A conservative group was just formed to fight back on corporate wokeness.


A round-up of stories from the culture war front:


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Vice set their sights on an oil company that spoke out in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and has made an effort on diversity and inclusion, yet has allegedly been releasing pollutants into a “poor Latino community” in the Denver area.
  • CNBC reported on a separate conservative group launching a campaign against “woke capitalism”, Consumers’ Research, which will highlight the “economic and political costs” of corporations wading into the culture wars, while calling them a “dark money group.”
  • Deadline reported on Baldwin’s condemnation of cancel culture, noting it wasn’t the first time he had and that his wife Hilaria was “subjected to cancel culture” earlier this year.


  • Fox News and The Federalist highlighted the creation of Unsilenced Majority, with The Federalist favorably comparing it to last decade’s Tea Party movement and 
  • The Washington Examiner reported on Consumers’ Research ads against “woke companies”, quoting an official with the group that “this is phase one”, referencing specific companies that have made statements on controversial public policies and that “phase two” is “putting all corporate America on notice.”
  • Conservative blog RedState chastised Google for updates to its software and systems that will suggest gender neutral forms of words, saying it is trying to avoid “offensive language”, and compared it to Twitter’s and Facebook’s efforts to Big Brother the internet by warning you before you post.


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