Pathway to Citizenship for Illegals Can’t Be In $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill

Senate rules will not allow Democrats to include mass amnesty in their budget reconciliation bill. The ruling comes amidst a border crisis resulting in the deportation of thousands of Haitians.


The Senate parliamentarian issued a ruling late Sunday night that said Congressional Democrats could not include immigration policy reforms in their proposed $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill.


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  • Wall Street Journal reported on the porous border security, noting while Texas law enforcement deterred illegal entry at one spot, it just shifted people to other locations while illegal immigrants are free to leave and enter the country as they desire. 
  • Fox News noted South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham’s response to the parliamentarian’s ruling saying he agreed “granting legal status to illegal immigrants is not a proper use of the reconciliation process.” 
  • Breitbart followed Newsweek’s lead, compiling the reactions among the Left on Twitter and noting many are “urging Senate Democrats to simply ignore” the decision.

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