Taliban Allow Some Americans to Leave Afghanistan

Remaining Americans in Afghanistan are still trying to leave the country. The Biden administration admitted it is at the mercy of the Taliban.


The Taliban will allow up to 150 Westerners safe passage out of Afghanistan via a Qatar Airways flight.


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Author’s Take

The State Department and the White House continue to obfuscate their responsibility to Americans stranded in Afghanistan. Their numbers and excuses change every day, depending on who they can blame. Secretary Blinken finally admitted that they’re at the mercy of the Taliban to complete the evacuation of remaining Americans.

Blinken has proven to be irresponsible, feckless, and lacking in dignity since he has become Secretary of State. Earlier this year, Blinken was caught completely off-guard during a summit with Communist China, resulting in the Chinese delegation utterly embarrassing him in front of the whole world.

The calls for Blinken to resign are likely to grow in the near future. As they should.

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