Biden Tramples on 10th Amendment and Private Sector, Announces Private Sector Vaccine Mandates

Despite his administration recently saying there will be no federal vaccine mandates, President Biden announced one yesterday. So much for the 10th Amendment.


President Biden unveiled new steps the federal government will take to end the coronavirus epidemic yesterday in a speech that completely ignores the restrictions placed on Washington by the U.S. Constitution.


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Author’s Take

Just a few years ago, it would be unfathomable that a president could take such an action. The government’s intrusion into matters of the private sector has picked up pace in recent years. At least in the past, bureaucrats would veil their threats not unlike the phrase “Nice business you got there. It’d be a shame if something happened to it,” before extorting them via a regulation or permit fee.

This is full on coercion, done by an obscure regulatory framework tucked into OSHA. Once again, the Biden administration spends weeks, if not months, saying they don’t have the authority or that private sector vaccine mandates aren’t on the table only to announce something they know they don’t have the power to do.

When the U.S. Code and the regulatory framework is so large and complex, that all it requires is a few weeks of attorneys to find a tiny fragment of regulatory nonsense to justify literally any action, no matter how unconstitutional, the American people should know it’s time to dismantle the administrative state.

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