Biden’s China Policy Off to a “Rocky Start”

The summit between American and Chinese officials quickly went sideways when both sides leveled accusations in their two-minute opening remarks. Most outlets reported the confrontation as an omen of difficulties in the future.


In the first meeting between officials from the United States and China, tensions sizzled as verbal barbs and accusations were publicly traded.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • While the verbal confrontations dominated headlines and coverage in right and left outlets, CNN emphasized the Biden administration’s efforts to try to turn the page from “Trump administration’s transactional, trade-oriented, go-it-alone approach.”
  • Coverage of the summit in The New York Times referenced the Biden administration having come to the same conclusions as the Trump administration in terms of the economic and cybersecurity fronts.
  • While nearly all outlets emphasized China’s human rights abuses in its western provinces, cybersecurity attacks on the West, and Beijing’s effective takeover of Hong Kong, Vox highlighted the opportunities China and the U.S. have in collaborating on climate change.




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