Critical Race Theory: Shifting Media Narratives

As more states ban critical race theory from the classroom, the mainstream media has changed its tone. The new narrative is attacking those skeptical of it.


The debate over critical race theory’s (CRT) inclusion in public school curricula is raging, with activists on both sides, teachers, and parents on the front lines of a culture war.


reporting from the left side of the aisle



  • The Federalist reported on a group of Rhode Island teachers who gave students extra credit for providing testimony to the state legislature on a bill that bans CRT (while the teacher allegedly didn’t take sides, her communications did say the bill would “prevent her from teaching the unit on Race or Gender.”). 
  • Also at The Federalist, Gabe Kaminsky wrote about the appearance of an activist playing the role of an NBC News reporter criticizing efforts to question CRT curricula, saying it’s being driving by national conservative organizations, and that freedom of information laws are being taken advantage of by conservative activists.
  • RedState reported on an open letter by a California college president in celebration of Juneteenth, in which he declares opposition to critical race theory as a new “bogeyman” of politicians, calling it ‘the new Communism’ and that racism is as bad as it’s ever been in the college president’s lifetime.
  • wrote on Democratic Rep Ilhan Omar’s ridiculous denial that any schools are attempting to teach CRT in classes in response to GOP Rep Glenn Grothman’s bill to ban CRT in Washington DC classrooms.

Author’s Take

The Left will never admit this but when their entire narrative has shifted from defense of their position to ad hominem attacks, it is evident the ground on which a topic’s public debate stands has shifted.  Whether it’s CNN, the New Yorker, The Atlantic, or The New York Times, the new outrage is that conservatives are fighting back.

“Journalists” and media pundits pushing back against anti-CRT efforts are gaslighting their viewers and readers: They are pretending racism or the history of racism in the United States had not been taught before the suddenly-enlightened movement of critical race theory was conjured up by academics. Similarly, they’re fearmongering with their admonitions that none of it can be taught in the wake of anti-CRT legislation.

If one’s worldview is that American history cannot be taught if one cannot teach that race creates inherent and irredeemable traits in individuals, the problem is not American history or a law that prevents CRT curricula. The problem is one’s worldview.

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