Day Number One of Trump Impeachment Number Two in The Books

Following opening arguments from both sides, the Senate voted to proceed with the second impeachment of Donald Trump. There was criticism and praise for both the prosecution and defense, all coming from unsurprising sources.


Day One of Impeachment Two is in the books, as three democrats made opening arguments, and four hours of debatewas conducted on the constitutionality of the impeachment.


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  • Newsmax’s headline focused on the six GOP senators who joined Democrats on voting to proceed with the impeachment, but the article highlighted some criticism of Team Trump’s performance from members of the Senate and Newsmax contributor Alan Dershowitz.
  • Missouri Senator Josh Hawley declared the impeachment trial “a terrible waste of time” given its foregone conclusion, which headlined OANN’s coverage of the first day of impeachment.
  • set its sights on Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, the one Republican who changed his mind after a previous vote on the impeachment’s constitutionality, who argued the Democrat House prosecutors were “organized” and made a more compelling argument on the question of constitutionality.


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