Iran “Elects” New President Amid Historically Low Turnout, Protest Votes

With low turnout and a surge in protest votes, hardliner Ebrahim Raisi is Iran’s new president. American media across the political spectrum acknowledge his history as a murderous butcher.


Elections in Iran produced a new president, Ebrahim Raisi, currently chief of Iran’s courts after his main opponent was ruled ineligible and unable to run.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • The New York Times’ coverage of the election framed the election of hard-line “conservative” Raisi, despite acknowledging the millions of protest votes and low turnout, as a rebuke of “moderate” Rouhani who “could only watch as [Trump] withdrew from the nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions in 2018.”
  • ABC News came out swinging against Raisi, questioning his legitimacy with an election “marred by a low turnout” and noting Raisi’s “long list of alleged human rights violations.”
  • CNN noted Raisi’s campaigning on anti-corruption stands in stark contrast with his history of “prosecution of Iran’s political prisoners” as part of a “four-person death panel” that executed 5,000 political prisoners.



Author’s Take

It is refreshing to see media across the partisan landscape come to the universal acknowledgment of Iran’s troublesome at best, murderous and villainous at worst, government and lack of legitimate elections. However, without the ability to portray the Iranian regime as a foil for Trump, left-leaning outlets had little choice but to depict the ayatollahs and mullahs controlling Iran as the duplicitous murders they are.

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