Joe Rogan Takes on CNN’s Brian Stelter – “F***ing Terrible”

CNN’s Brian Stelter complained about his ratings plummeting. Joe Rogan responded in a way only Joe Rogan could.


CNN’s media correspondent Brian Stelter recently took to his show to lament his show’s audience size compared to some of the top podcasters and YouTubers.


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  • Right leaning outlets thoroughly enjoyed Rogan’s smackdown, reporting Rogan’s comments nearly verbatim, including his criticism stating “They were describing [the loss in viewership] as if they’re entitled to viewers.” 
  • RedState’s coverage applauded Rogan for having “took Stelter apart” on the issue of ratings and authenticity. 
  • Fox News, like the Washington Examiner, provided nearly the entire exchange between Rogan and his guest, progressive commentator Kyle Kulinski, while noting CNN’s Don Lemon also drew Rogan’s ire.

Author’s Take

If CNN were honest with the American audience, and transparent about its agenda the way Fox News and MSNBC are, their self-righteousness would not be so obnoxious and insufferable.  But Stelter, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon and others proselytize for progressive politics while pretending to be non-partisan, unbiased arbiters of facts. That simply is not the case. Joe Rogan did the right thing in raking the democrat apologist Stelter over the coals.

Most Americans are mature enough to understand there will be bias in reporting, and their viewing activity will follow their politics. CNN’s denial of any bias and taking themselves too seriously as unbiased is costing them viewers. Rogan’s contention that they’re not authentic is correct.

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