Afghanistan Evacuation Complicated by Terrorists Joe Biden Says Aren’t There

Taliban and ISIS are making it more difficult for Americans to evacuate. The US Embassy warned people to stay away from the airport.


An emerging threat from ISIS in Afghanistan is forcing the United States to alter their evacuation operations after having to tell evacuees to avoid the airport due to security risks.

  • Roughly 17,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan since the chaotic fall of the Afghan government a little over a week ago. 
  • Reuters reported on the Taliban “imposing some order” outside the main airport in Kabul as crowds gathered in an attempt to flee the country, with which a Taliban spokesperson is alleging they are assisting. 
  • At a Friday news conference, President Joe Biden assured Americans there’s been no reports of violence towards Americans or that Americans have had problems getting to the airport, directly contradicting reporting on the ground. 
  • In a call with American lawmakers, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin also contradicted the president, saying Americans have been beaten by Taliban soldiers while attempting to arrive at the airport for evacuation.

reporting from the left side of the aisle



  • Newsmax reported on President Trump’s rally in Alabama, quoting the former president as having “warned the entire country of the disastrous consequences of a Biden presidency” and criticizing Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal. 
  • Breitbart provided anecdotal reporting on the evacuation from a former Green Beret who criticized the withdrawal and slammed the Biden administration for leaving billions in military hardware behind for the Taliban to take. 
  • National Review highlighted Biden’s refusal to accept reality when he denied any American allies were upset with the United States, despite the UK Parliament having condemned Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the fall of Afghanistan.

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