LITERALLY Kids in Cages and Still Not a Crisis? Biden Sends Federal EMERGENCY Management Agency to assist at U.S.-Mexico Border

CNN quietly admitted the Biden administration is effectively continuing the same minor detention policies under Obama and Trump. It didn’t stop mainstream media from blaming anyone other than the Biden administration for the border crisis they caused and refused to admit.


The Biden administration announced FEMA will be deployed for the next 3 months to help immigration officials process and house the flood of children arriving at the border illegally.

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  •’s Katie Pavlich noted the news of FEMA’s enlistment comes after Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is violating federal law by holding minors in CBP facilities and that the White House still refuses to acknowledge the situation as a crisis.
  • NBC News crossed the partisan divide by printing an opinion column from Washington Examiner’s political editor Jim Antle, who argues Biden knew or should have known his campaign rhetoric and immigration orders would create a surge of migrants at the border, faulting him for not preparing for it.
  • The Daily Mail sensationalized their headline with data not seen in other coverage, saying one complex for holding those detained crossing the border are at seven times capacity and blasts Biden for not admitting the breadth of the situation.

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