Texas Dems Flee State Over Voting Bill, Biden Pushes “Voting Rights” Action

The voting rights debate is heating up again as Texas Dems flee the state and Biden pushes for federal “voting” legislation. The media is headed down the same path as their coverage of the Georgia bill: exaggerations and lies.


The Democrat caucus of Texas’ House left Austin and headed to DC (while not wearing masks in their group photos) in the hopes of blocking a voting and election reforms bill from passing the state legislature.

reporting from the left side of the aisle




Author’s Take

It was not long ago that multiple media outlets were forced to retract or correct reporting on the Georgia election reform law that was repeatedly and grossly mischaracterized. Biden himself was called out by The Washington Post of all outlets, for lying about the Georgia bill.

Once again, media sensationalism and the need to advance “The Narrative” wins out over facts and well-reasoned, unbiased coverage. The left storms the barricades with their banner cries of racism and voter suppression while the right has to wring their hands and scream into the wind over the after-the-fact corrections and retractions long after the debate over a particular story has left the front page.

A wide swath of Americans approves of voter ID law, yet it’s being called a racist, Jim Crow tactic.  In 2016, the Daily Signal found 7 activities for which the government requires identification, including the constitutionally-protected right to purchase firearms.  Why are voter ID requirements wrong?

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