Amazon Aiding Defund the Police Movement with “Blue Lives Murder” Apparel

As Amazon allows anti-police apparel to be sold on its site, several cities are grappling with the consequences of defunding their police departments. Some states are working to stop cities from cutting police services.


Despite outrage and a request by the NYPD Detectives’ Endowment Association to pull the merchandise, Amazon is still selling a slew of products emblazoned with “Blue Lives Murder.”


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • The Washington Post offered a critical view of the effect of the defund the police movement, and the Antifa radicals who attached itself to it, in Portland, Oregon, a city which is overwhelmingly white but which has seen its murder rate skyrocket as police have to deal with more retirements and an “activist” class of white, middle-class students” engaging in violence and vandalism under the guise of social justice.
  • Salon posited the current social and racial strife, and efforts to defund police departments, can be traced back to the zero-tolerance crackdowns of the 1970s and 1980s, and what one historian dubiously calls a “paradox” “between a retrenching welfare state and growing penal system.”
  • CBS News reported on the Texas bill to punish municipalities for “defunding” police departments, arguing that defunding isn’t really about defunding the police, but reallocating “funds to mental health specialists who can help answer distress calls.”



Author’s Take

A reasonable cultural debate over the nature and tactics of policing may be warranted. But having drawn the protection of law-abiding citizens from crime into the fires of a culture war, the flames of which are fanned by partisans and pundits, is making things worse.  Whether it’s Salon’s “ACKSHUALLY it was the crackdown on crime that created the current situation” apologetics or Amazon’s apparent side-taking in a culture war hotspot that actually has life-and-death consequences, the Left is getting over its own skis.

It’s another example of how biased media and political profiteering is driving a narrative that prevents discourse an stifles solutions, but hey, it’s one heck of an opportunity for ad sales.

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