Blue State Vaccine Mandates Cause Protests, Threaten Resignations

Public employees in Democrat-run state don’t like vaccine mandates any more than residents in red states. The media covers their story far more sympathetically.


Blue states are facing backlash from public employee vaccine mandates as Oregon’s governor is being sued by state police and firefighters for the mandate.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




  • Kevin Williamson argued in the New York Post that the United States needs to be more transparent, ethical, and effective in vaccine mandate efforts if we are to have one at all. He argued government power outside of vaccines and public health have been so easily and disgustingly abused, people are right to be concerned. 
  • Fox News highlighted violence perpetrated by Antifa towards a non-violent rally protesting vaccine and mask mandates in the state of Washington. 
  • According to RedState, employees of the California State Assembly have been placed on unpaid leave if they have not been vaccinated.

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