Cancel Culture: Ousted NY Times Reporter Donald McNeil Jr. Speaks Out

Cancel culture came for one of its own as 30+ year reporter Donald McNeil Jr was pushed out of the New York Times after fellow journalists reported on a years-old incident that had already been investigated and concluded. McNeil has now told his side of the story.


After leaving the New York Times last month, veteran reporter Donald McNeil Jr. is speaking out in a series of posts on his personal Medium account.


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  • The Guardian characterized McNeil as recalcitrant and unremorseful, including quotes from Times editor Dean Baquet saying McNeil’s coworkers no longer support him “because [he] didn’t apologize.”
  • Buried in CNN’s account of McNeil’s blog posts is the fact that the Times was aware of the incident before being approached by another outlet, investigated it and disciplined McNeil, with some Times employees calling McNeil’s firing “cancel culture.”
  • The Daily Beast, which reported the incident that eventually resulted in McNeil’s ouster, made fun of the situation they created, characterizing McNeil as an old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn.



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