WHO-China COVID-19 Report: Origin Totally Wasn’t a Lab Leak

A draft of the World Health Organization’s report on the origins of the coronavirus (approved by the Chinese communist government) will say more research is needed but that we should discount the theory of an accidental lab leak. Most outlets are skeptical of the report’s accuracy.


A report written by the World Health Organization and the Chinese government on the origins of the COVID-19 declared it was “extremely unlikely” the virus’ spread was the result of an accidental laboratory leak.

  • The full report, to be released Tuesday, will detail that viral research laboratories in Wuhan (yes, there are more than one!) were “well-managed” and that it was “probably transmitted from bats to humans.”
  • The White House and State Department cast skepticism on the report, noting the Chinese government has withheld data and that there are “real concerns about the methodology” of the report.
  • Robert Redfield, the former CDC Director told CNN over the weekend that he thinks it is possible the COVID-19 virus was the result of a leak at one of the Wuhan viral research laboratories.
  • U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken appears to have backed off previous comments intended to keep China’s feet to the fire, recently telling CNN that the focus moving forward needs to be on preventing another pandemic rather than punishing China.


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  • The New York Times effectively criticized the report, saying that while there is a trove of new data, there are “no profound new insights”, and quotes an official at the Council of Foreign Relations saying because of China’s opacity, “we may never find the true origins of the virus.”
  • CNN failed utterly and completely as a news outlet, not once mentioning the Chinese government’s involvement in writing and approving the WHO report, involvement which should cast doubt on the report’s veracity.
  • The Washington Post leaned heavily on the Chinese government’s refusal to cooperate from the start, saying their actions justify skepticism of the report.




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