Feds Set to Recommend Booster COVID Shot

Based on data showing waning vaccine effectiveness, the CDC will recommend a booster eight months after the second shot. Some on the left call it unfair to developing and low-income countries.


A booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is expected to be approved and announced today by the feds.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • The New York Times’ report on the vaccine booster noted recipients of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine are not yet eligible but the CDC is waiting on additional data. The Times also said booster shots “would probably go to nursing home residents, health care workers and emergency workers”, since they were among the first to get vaccinated last year.
  • The Guardian highlighted resistance among the global health community to America’s booster plan, saying it will “suck many vaccine doses out of the system” and those who now don’t have an opportunity to receive a first dose will die because the West will “reject their responsibility to the rest of humanity.” 
  • The Atlantic discussed the prospect of basically lying about one’s vaccine status to get a booster shot early, highlighting the ethical and medical concerns for why that’s a terrible idea.


Author’s Take

Those saying it is inherently unfair to low-income countries just now getting their vaccine programs off the ground have a point. Some protection is better than none. And while it was largely Western funding and ingenuity that created the vaccine, the social and economic recovery from the pandemic will depend on everyone having access. One of the reasons the United States is seeing economic disruption is a halting and congested supply chain because many nations the US relies on for raw materials and goods are still experiencing side effects of the worst of the pandemic.

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