Texas, Mississippi Lift Mask Mandate

Drawing cheers from the right and jeers from the left, the governors of Texas and Mississippi announced an end of statewide mask mandates. The nation will wait to see if the predicted spike in coronavirus deaths will occur (it didn’t happen in Florida when Gov. DeSantis lifted restrictions).


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced on Wednesday the state will lift coronavirus restrictions next week, including the statewide mask mandate and occupancy limits for business.


reporting from the left side of the aisle



  • Reactions from Hollywood on the Texas mask mandate repeal were compiled by The Federalist, one of which called the reopening “racist.”
  • OANN framed their reporting by saying “Mississippi and Texas are ready to put the pandemic behind them” and highlighting both governors’ remarks that resident should still practice personal responsibility.
  • Failed Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke took it on the chin at RedState, offering up what the blog called “the dumbest, most hysterical condemnation” of Gov. Abbott’s announcement, in which O’Rourke accuses Abbott of being part of a “cult of death.”


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