IRS Whistleblowers Allege Biden DOJ Slow-Walked Hunter Biden Investigation

Two IRS whistleblowers testified to Congress under oath on Wednesday, alleging Joe Biden’s Justice Department slow-walked its felony tax investigation into Hunter Biden.


Two IRS whistleblowers testified to Congress under oath on Wednesday, alleging Joe Biden’s Justice Department slow-walked its felony tax investigation into Hunter Biden.

  • IRS special agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, a self-described gay Democrat, claim US Attorney for Delaware David Weiss, the prosecutor charged with investigating the president’s son, was not allowed to bring charges against the younger Biden in jurisdictions outside of Delaware.
  • Shapley, a supervisory special agent, and Ziegler, a criminal investigator, have both worked for the IRS for over a decade. Ziegler initiated a probe into Hunter Biden’s taxes in November 2018 that would later be merged with Weiss’s investigation.
  • The whistleblowers claim Lesley Wolf, the Assistant US Attorney for Delaware, repeatedly shot down requests to probe Biden further, including allegedly denying a search warrant of Joe Biden’s Wilmington residence due to “optics.”
  • Shapley identified US Attorney for Washington, DC Matthew Graves, a Biden 2020 donor, as the political appointee who “refused to bring charges” for felony tax crimes against Hunter Biden.
  • The veteran IRS agent lambasted Weiss and Attorney General Merrick Garland for ducking congressional requests to testify about the case.
  • Shapley accused them of “using their offices and your tax dollars to put out carefully-crafted, narrow non-denials that have confused rather than clarified for the public — all without being subject to cross-examination on the facts.”
  • One of the more shocking allegations from Ziegler’s testimony was the revelation that Hunter Biden tried to write off payments to prostitutes as business expenses and itemized a $10,000 deduction on his 2018 tax return for a sex club membership.
  • Additionally, the whistleblowers testified that prosecutors prevented them from interviewing Hunter’s adult children or investigating Hunt Biden’s WhatsApp messages where he invoked his father in a text with a Chinese business associate in an attempt to get a payment from him.


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  • The New York Times listed additional alleged tax offenses committed by Hunter Biden, including: “falsely claiming business deductions for payments made to the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, a hotel room for his drug dealer, a sex club membership and a Columbia University tuition payment for his adult daughter.”
  • Politico observed much the hearings were devoted to burnishing the whistleblowers’ credibility over the Biden Justice Department. “Who [are] you going to believe? The Justice Department can’t get their story straight, changed three times in 33 days — or these two guys?” asked Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan in his opening remarks.
  • CNN noted committee Democrats largely dismissed the whistleblowers out of hand and devoted their time to poking holes in their story and defend the president. “Like every other try by my colleagues to concoct a scandal about President Biden, this one is a complete and total bust,” said Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin in his opening statement before hearing any testimony.



  • Ziegler told House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer that Hunter Biden, his companies and his family members received over $17 million from business deals in China, Romania, and Ukraine. Fox News observed these payments included $7.3 million from Ukrainian energy firm Burisma between 2014 and 2019.
  • The Wall Street Journal noted Wednesday’s testimony “was part of several investigations launched by Republican-controlled House committees into the Biden family more broadly, in which they have sought to tie the president to his son’s business dealings and perceived misconduct by federal agencies.”
  • Breitbart covered a shocking moment from the hearing when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene displayed graphic images of Hunter Biden engaging in lewd activities with women. Greene used these photos as a backdrop to her questions about whether Biden violated the Mann Act and other sex-trafficking statues during his frequent assignations with prostitutes.


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