Is a Second Stimulus Check In the Works?

A Second COVID-19 Stimulus Check: What Happened?


After narrowly avoiding a government shutdown on Friday, the House and Senate will reconvene Tuesday to talk about the possibility of passing the democrat-drafted HEROES act or the republican-drafted HEALS act, a new coronavirus stimulus package.

  • Both bills are based on the CARES act, the original COVID-19 relief package passed in March, and will include (among other benefits) a $1200 stimulus check for all single filers who earned under $75k per year in 2019.
  • The HEROES act passed the house, but has been stalled in the Senate by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who labeled the bill a “$3 trillion left-wing wish list”.
  • Last week, President Donald Trump pushed lawmakers to agree on and approve a bill, and publicly stated that there is more than $300 billion in coronavirus relief money that has yet to be spent.
  • Today, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer publicly pushed for the HEROES act to be passed.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Is quick to point the finger at GOP lawmakers for stalling the progress of a second stimulus package.
  • Crucifies Trump for blaming democrats
  • Points out that democratic lawmakers overwhelmingly want the bill to pass for the good of the American people.



  • Highlights Trump’s call to action as a sign that republicans want to find a solution.
  • Portrays the HEROES act as egregious spending, and the HEALS act as a more responsible package
  • Portrays democrats as exorbitantly difficult and uncompromising.


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