Hurricane Delta Hits Louisiana

Hurricane Delta Made Landfall Yesterday. What happened?


Hurricane Delta made landfall on the Gulf Coast last night, bringing major damage to Louisiana.

  • More than 500,000 Americans are without power and tens of thousands of homes destroyed after Hurricane Delta hit the southwestern coast of Louisiana yesterday.
  • Delta was a category 2 hurricane, with winds up to 100 miles per hour.
  • Delta came less than two months after the landfall of Category 4 Hurricane Laura in late August, which left thousands of Louisianans homeless and destroyed infrastructure across the state. It is the 25th named storm in 2020’s Atlantic hurricane season.
  • While Hurricane Laura caused most damage with its high-powered winds, Hurricane Delta caused flood damage from the 15 inches of rain it left across the state.
  • No deaths have been reported from the storm, but state officials say that significant danger remains for people living in hurricane-affected areas, including carbon monoxide poisoning and flood-related injuries.
  • 3,000 Louisiana National Guardsmen have deployed to the affected regions alongside 10,000 utility workers.
  • The storm weakened significantly after its initial landfall, reducing to a tropical depression.
  • Damage was most significant outside of Lake Charles, LA, where tarps were blown off from houses still recovering from damage related to Hurricane Laura.


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