Kim Jong Un Holds Military Parade in North Korea

Kim Jong Un is back in the news. What happened?


Kim Jong Un held a military parade this morning to celebrate 75 years of communism in North Korea.

  • The parade marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the communist ruling party of North Korea. It is the country’s first parade in two years.
  • At the parade, Kim unveiled a previously unseen ICBM which has the potential to carry a “super-large nuclear warhead” the United States. This comes about two weeks after Kim told the UN general assembly that North Korea has an “effective war deterrent” in its arsenal.
  • Kim made a speech in which he apologized for not fulfilling promises to the people of North Korea regarding economic progress, saying that his plans were derailed by the Coronavirus pandemic. He also said that the country would continue to strengthen its military for “self-defense and deterrence.”
  • In an emotional display, Kim thanked North Korean troops for their hard work in curbing the pandemic, and announced that North Korea had zero cases of COVID-19.
  • In an odd and unprecedented move, the parade occurred before sunrise. Reporters do not know why.
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping said that he hoped to “defend, consolidate and develop” ties with North Korea following the anniversary.


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • Points out that the missile might not even work.
  • Portrays the parade as a baseless show of force intended to intimidate Donald Trump before the election, who has been fooled before by KJU’s tricky diplomacy.
  • Attacks the notion that North Korea has zero cases of COVID-19, speculating that perhaps they have no tests or are being dishonest about the statistic.



  • Amplifies messages of Kim Jong Un’s cruelty as a dictator throughout history, and his recent pivot to seem more approachable as a leader despite his ongoing heavy-handedness.
  • Disputes the claim that North Korea has zero cases of COVID-19, reporting that Kim previously ordered troops to shoot illegal immigrants as part of anti-virus measures.
  • Draws concern about the massive ICBMs displayed at the parade.


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