Texas Elementary School Horror

A gunman killed nineteen children and two adults at a south Texas elementary school in America’s deadliest school shooting in a decade.


A gunman killed nineteen children and two adults at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, America’s deadliest school shooting in a decade.

  • The gunman crashed his vehicle into barricades before making his way into the school. Several officers were shot after engaging with the gunman.
  • All victims were in one classroom where the gunman barricaded himself after exchanging gunfire with police. The student body of the small rural school serving second, third, and fourth grade children is 90 percent Hispanic and 10 percent white.
  • The 18-year-old shooter was apparently killed by a Border Patrol agent who rushed into the building without waiting for backup.
  • Families gathered at a local civic center waiting for notification on the status of their children. Some of the victims included fourth-grade teacher Eva Mireles, 44 and 8-year-old Uziyah Garcia.
  • President Joe Biden called for unspecified new gun control measures in an angry address Tuesday night, saying, “When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?”


reporting from the left side of the aisle


  • The New York Times reported the Robb Elementary massacre is the second-deadliest school shooting on record, after only the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, CT, nearly ten years ago.
  • CNN covered the grief-stricken families who waited throughout the night for dead children to be identified. Some children had to be identified with DNA matches.
  • Politico covered Biden’s address to the nation. The president said “it’s time to act” and asked why the country that elected him lacks “the backbone” to stop school shootings.



  • The Wall Street Journal summarized what we know about the victims so far. Two law enforcement officers, a 66-year-old woman believed to be the shooter’s grandmother, and several other children have been hospitalized in addition to the 19 children and two adults shot and killed.
  • Fox News covered the “rush to capitalize” on the mass shooting by Democrats demanding gun control measures before details of what measures, if any, could have prevented the attack and using the horrific tragedy to attack Republicans.
  • The Dispatch called for America to “pass and enforce red flag laws,” a policy the author argues would best target potential mass shooters without infringing on the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

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