Trump Campaign Press Conference Draws Critiques from All Sides

The Trump Campaign’s legal team held a lengthy press conference on the status of litigation and its arguments on fraudulent activity surrounding the election. They faced harsh coverage from mainstream and conservative media.


Former New York City Mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani alleged a “scheme” by election officials of several heavily-Democratic cities in battleground states to increase the number of votes Joe Biden received.


reporting from the left side of the aisle




  • Fox News’ reporting highlighted the press conference’s allegations are a sharp turn from the arguments that have so far been made by Trump lawyers in actual court proceedings. 
  • The Daily Caller, co-founded by now-Fox News host Tucker Carlson, reported Trump lawyer Sidney Powell “refused to provide his show evidence” of the campaign’s claims. 
  • The Daily Mail reported Chris Krebs, the recently-terminated former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, called it “the most dangerous one hour and 45 minutes of television in American history.” 
  • National Review was slightly more generous in its reporting, saying Giuliani wasn’t revealing their evidence because those who signed affidavits “don’t want to be harassed.” 
  • Byron York of the Washington Examiner reported on turmoil within Trump world that Giuliani helming the recount and legal fights are doing more harm than good.


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