Utah Man Accused of Making ‘Credible’ Threats Against Biden Shot Dead in FBI Raid

A Provo man who allegedly made “credible” threats against President Joe Biden and other Democrats was shot dead in an FBI raid Wednesday hours before the president touched down in Utah.


A Provo man who allegedly made “credible” threats against President Joe Biden and other Democrats was shot dead in an FBI raid Wednesday hours before the president touched down in Utah.

  • The FBI said the shooting occurred around 6:15am on Wednesday when agents attempted to serve a search warrant at the home of Craig Deleeuw Robertson in Provo.
  • The 75-year-old Robertson was armed at the time of the raid, according to the FBI, but FBI Salt Lake City spokesperson Sandra Barker declined to offer the press more information on what she called an “ongoing matter.”
  • Robertson, who called himself a “MAGA Trumper,” posted on Monday, “I hear Biden is coming to Utah. Digging out my old ghillie suit and cleaning the dust off the M24 sniper rifle.” He followed up on Tuesday by posting, “Perhaps Utah will become famous this week as the place a sniper took out Biden the Marxist.”
  • These were just the latest of dozens of violent messages and pictures of weapons he posted on multiple social media networks including Facebook and Truth Social.
  • In addition to President Biden, Robertson also made threats against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Vice President Kamala Harris, New York Attorney General Letitia James and US Attorney General Merrick Garland. In one post, Robertson said he was traveling to New York to “fulfil my dream of iradicating [sic] Bragg.”
  • ABC News reported the FBI investigation into Robertson began in April and the Secret Service was notified in June. Robertson allegedly made both threatening posts and suggested that he was making plans to take “physical action.” The FBI considered his threats “credible.”
  • The FBI paid a visit to Robertson after he posted the threat against Bragg in March. Robertson claimed the post was a “dream” and ended the interview by telling the FBI: “We’re done here! Don’t return without a warrant!”
  • The Hill obtained a sealed criminal complaint that revealed Robertson was under investigation for making threats against Biden and was facing charges of interstate threats, threats against the president, and influencing, impeding and retaliating against federal law enforcements officers by threat.


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  • The Washington Post detailed some of Robertson’s other threats, including: “THE TIME IS RIGHT FOR A PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION OR TWO. FIRST JOE THEN KAMALA!!!” The Post interviewed a neighbor who said, “I can’t believe it escalated to this level. He was a very sweet older gentleman.”
  • CNN reported further on Robertson’s social media posts, which included a Monday post where he taunted the FBI. Robertson wrote, “Hey FBI, you still monitoring my social media? Checking so I can be sure to have a loaded gun handy in case you drop by again.”
  • “Robertson’s alleged threat to Bragg included calling him a political hack linked to George Soros and plotting to assassinate him in a parking garage, the charging documents said,” according to NBC News. Per the charging documents, Robertson mentioned other politicians including James, Garland, and California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Robertson had “intent to kill, at a minimum, D.A. Bragg and President Joe Biden.”



  • The Wall Street Journal reported “a felony complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in Utah against the man, Craig Robertson, alleges he ‘did knowingly and willfully make a threat to take the life of and to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States.’”
  • Fox News picked up the Secret Service’s statement on the matter. “We are aware of the FBI investigation involving an individual in Utah who has exhibited threats towards a Secret Service protectee. While we always remain in close coordination with the Bureau, this is an FBI-led effort and we refer any related questions to the FBI and DOJ,” a spokesman wrote on X.
  • Robertson posted recently about a gory “WONDERFUL DREAM” he had of himself in a Washington, DC parking garage. As National Review reported, Robertson posted in all-caps, “I was standing over the body of the U.S. Attorney General, Merrick Garland, with a bullet hole dead center in his forehead. In my hand was my suppressed Smith & Weston M&P 9mm, smoke wafting from the muzzle. The Star Spangled Banner playing quietly in the distance. I thought to myself; ‘What an amazing, patriotic moment’ as shivers of liberty and freedom swelled my heart for our amazingly great country,” Robertson posted on Facebook.


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  • The article does not say exactly WHY this man was shot by the FBI? They can’t just go & shoot him did no reason? Then again, there’s a LOT of things the FBI ISN’T supposed to do…but they do it!, so I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past them at this point!!!

    • At this point, we do not know why. The FBI has not offered any additional information beyond what was mentioned in the article, claiming it was an “ongoing matter.” We will be closely monitoring this story as it develops.

  • Typical Biden BS, jail your opponents and kill anyone that doesn’t agree with your ruining of the country

  • How can it be an “ongoing matter” if the man is dead? We deserve to know what happened that made the FBI feel they had to kill a 75 year old man.

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