19 Kids Died While 19 Cops Stood in the Hallway

Texas law enforcement officials admitted their initial timeline of the Uvalde elementary school shooting was inaccurate.


Texas law enforcement officials admitted their initial timeline of the Uvalde elementary school shooting was inaccurate and that 19 cops stood in the hallway outside the classroom while the shooter killed children.

  • Children and teachers trapped in the building begged 911 operators for help while 19 police officers stood in the hallway outside the classroom where they were trapped with the shooter.
  • One girl pleaded, “please send the police now” as officers waited mere feet away from her in the hallway.
  • The Texas Department of Public Safety admitted police made the “wrong” decision to wait nearly 45 minutes to act.
  • Police inaction in this case could result in “discipline, lawsuits and even criminal charges against police.”
  • Blame for the police inaction has fallen on the chief of Uvalde schools police, who disregarded all guidelines to immediately charge a school shooter without waiting for backup by having his officers wait for nearly an hour as children died.

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  • The New York Times compiled a detailed timeline with images and video of the events of the shooting based on the Texas Department of Public Safety’s revised timeline.
  • CNN reported the shooter spent the weeks leading up to the shooting threatening “rapes and school shootings” on Yubo, a social media app. Other users, teens like the shooter, said they did not take him seriously but did report him to Yubo, with little discernible effect.
  • The Washington Post wrote the police response was commandeered by the tiny police force that serves the Uvalde school district. The school-system police chief decided the gunman had shifted from “active shooter” to “barricaded subject” and made no effort to break down the door, even as desperate children called 9-1-1 from inside the classroom and the shooter continued to kill.



  • The New York Post reported the shooters’ classmates said he was violent towards women, prone to volatile behavior and self-harm, was “scary” and left a girl he dated “scared for her life.”
  • Fox News interviewed Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who said state officials “were not told the truth” by law enforcement about the police response to the Uvalde elementary school shooting.
  • The Wall Street Journal’s timeline highlighted the long police delay that cost lives.

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