Enemy of the Press: Biden Official Out After Berating Reporter

Biden campaign alum and deputy White House Press Secretary TJ Ducklo resigned his position after it was reported he threatened and berated a reporter in January. The White House has been criticized for mishandling the situation.


Biden administration communications official, TJ Ducklo, has resigned following the revelation he berated and threatened a reporter asking questions about his personal life.


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  • Vanity Fair’s reporting of the confrontation highlighted Ducklo’s threats, using the precise language of the threats, which most mainstream outlets refused to do.
  • CNN relied on multiple unnamed sources in the White House to give background impressions among Ducklo’s coworkers, saying “the situation was untenable” and that a suspension was not a sufficient punishment.
  • The New York Times paired President Biden’s employment pledge around respectful behavior with the fact that Ducklo’s suspension lasted only one day before leaving the administration.



  • Fox News rightfully roasted CNN’s Jim Acosta for making the story about his white whale, former President Trump, and highlighted the mockery from his own reporter colleagues.
  • Townhall.com reported on the saga, saying Ducklo’s original apology was “anything but” profound and the suspension was a slap on the wrist and highlighting leftist voices in the media criticizing the suspension.
  • OANN highlighted Biden’s remarks a month ago of staffers being fired “on the spot” if they were disrespectful, saying the White House was under fire for not living up to that pledge.
  • Joe Concha, media critic for The Hill, tweeted that the White House’s efforts to spin the story as “accountability” is “laughable” since they’d known about the confrontation for weeks.


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