Ohio Primary Elections Test Power of Trump’s Endorsement

Tuesday’s primary elections in Ohio offer the 2022 cycle’s first test of the power of Trump’s endorsement.


Tuesday’s primary elections in Ohio offer the 2022 cycle’s first test of the power of former President Donald Trump’s endorsement in Republican primaries.

  • The May 3 primaries in Ohio and Indiana will kick off a month of competitive primary races with high-profile contests in the important swing states. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina will all select their general election nominees this month.
  • Ohio plays host to a competitive GOP Senate primary between ex-Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, state senator Matt Dolan and author and venture capitalist JD Vance, who has Trump’s endorsement.
  • Those three – Mandel, Dolan and Vance – have led the final polls of the race, with banker Mike Gibbons and ex-state party chair Jane Timken further behind.
  • Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) faces several primary challengers, and Ohio Democrats will select their nominees for Senate and governor. Cleveland-area Rep. Shontel Brown (D) faces Bernie Sanders-backed Nina Turner in Democrats’ highest-profile contest of the day.
  • The Ohio Senate primary will be the first election of the 2022 cycle to assess the power of Trump’s endorsement in deciding Republican primaries. Vance and Mandel competed for Trump’s backing, while Dolan was the lone candidate to not seek Trump’s support.
  • The former president’s endorsement has historically had a powerful influence in Republican primaries for Senate and governor, although much less so in the general election.

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  • The Washington Post called May “the month that will decide Trump’s kingmaker status.” For the last six years, Trump has “overwhelmingly endorsed candidates who were going to win anyway” but in 2022 Trump has picked several underdogs whose victories are not guaranteed.
  • Politico reported May’s primary elections in Ohio, Nebraska, West Virginia, Idaho, Pennsylvania, and Georgia will test Trump’s popularity and staying power within the GOP after his 2020 election defeat.
  • CNN profiled Rep. Tim Ryan, the likely Democratic nominee for Senate in Ohio who will have to “overcome Democratic headwinds” to prevail in the GOP-trending Buckeye State.

  • National Review rounded up the final poll numbers ahead of Ohio’s GOP Senate primary. The last two polls both have J.D. Vance narrowly leading the five-way field with 26 percent of the vote, with Josh Mandel and Matt Dolan effectively tied for second place.
  • The Washington Examiner reported on Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R), who appears likely to survive a primary challenge from failed 2018 Senate candidate Jim Renacci despite criticism for his strict public health restrictions in the early days of the pandemic.
  • Fox News profiled Matt Dolan, an Ohio state Senator who’s experiencing a last-minute surge in support ahead of Tuesday’s primary. Notably, Dolan is the only candidate who did not compete for Trump’s endorsement, although he said he would “support Trump-style policies in office.”

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