House Dems Pass Biden’s Massive Spending Bill

Despite GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy’s eight-hour speech, the House passed Biden’s Build Back Better bill. Left- and right-wing media focused on the acrimony between Democrats and Republicans in the House.


House Democrats have passed a large supplemental spending bill including social and climate agenda items on a nearly strict bipartisan vote.

reporting from the left side of the aisle




  • The Washington Times framed McCarthy’s “filibuster” (the House does not have a formal filibuster, but a tradition called “magic minute” in which the leaders of both parties are given unlimited debate time) as an attempt to prevent Democrats from passing the behemoth spending bill “in the dead of night.” 
  • Breitbart framed the delayed vote as House Democrats “waving the white flag” of surrender. It is anything but surrender, simply an acknowledgement of McCarthy’s stamina. 
  • Daily Caller also lauded McCarthy’s hours-long speech, noting McCarthy’s response to various Democratic members jeering him in the House chamber.

Author’s Take

When even CNN admits the Democrats’ signature legislative achievements miss the mark in terms of what the public believes is important, it’s time for party leaders to assess their priorities. Either Democrats are completely disconnected from political reality, or they know the 2022 midterm elections will be a disaster for them regardless of what they do. This could be their chance to throw the Hail Mary of their largest agenda items.

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