“Let’s Go Brandon” Dad Getting Threats After Saying Phrase to Biden

Liberals are angry Jared Schmeck said “Let’s Go Brandon” to President Biden. They apparently have amnesia after five years of celebrities shouting vulgarities about Trump.


The man who got President Joe Biden to say “Let’s Go Brandon” has been receiving death threats for “utilizing [his] freedom of speech.”


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Author’s Take

Juli Briskman, the woman photographed giving President Trump’s motorcade the finger, was lauded by liberal media as a hero, subjected to profile piece after glowing profile piece. Madonna joked about blowing up the White House and Johnny Depp fantasized about assassinating Donald Trump. Robert DeNiro thought he was being super brave by standing up in a room full of people who agreed with him and announced “F— Trump” to thunderous applause.

But we’re supposed to believe their fake outrage over a random citizen using an anodyne phrase, which is actually more of a commentary on the media’s kid-glove treatment of Biden, in front of the President? Sure, and I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

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